Verde is a band formed in 1997 by Finnish underground musician and DIY electronics designer Mika Rintala. He was part of one of Circle's finest line-ups and founding member of their spin-off project Ektroverde. Mika builds his own synthesizers, speakers, microphones, amplifiers - basically any equipment that can be used in creating or recording sound. Some of the finest recording studios in Finland (including Finnish National Broadcast company) use some equipment built or customized by him. Verde's music is an eclectic mix of styles and influences yet instantly recognizable and original. Mika's psychedelic yet earthy synths are accompanied by a variety of percussion, acoustic and electric string instruments and a bit of wind instruments by a bunch of talented amateur and professional musicians Mika likes to collaborate with. He also often utilizes different kinds of field recordings.

Despite and honed and professional touch, do not expect dry academic experimental sound art. Verde is playful and entertaining (although as far from your standard radio pop hits as possible). Musicians are having fun and enjoy breaking the boundaries. Still, Verde has its dark and serious sides. Several tracks are stark commentaries of modern world and its consumerist culture of negligence. Mika's major interests along music are long-distance running, orienteering and nature photography, so destruction of environment is a constant source of frustration and anger to him.

Verde has been compared to Faust, Bitches Brew -era Miles Davis, early Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream, Nurse With Wound and such.

Verde performs on saturday, August 5.