eeRobert Jürjendal & Kaido Kirikmäe
The collaboration between composer-guitarist Robert Jürjendal and ambient musician Kaido Kirikmäe is based primarily on spontaneity. It started last autumn with Arvo Pärt’s birthday week festival when they recorded a track for “Return of Navigator Pirx” compilation album and gave some improvisational concerts.

They meet same spontaneously on the stage where they generate organic and dynamic arrays of sounds – you will hear echoes of distant space’s wistful whoops and on top of all the audience will be misled into the looper’s rhythm maze.
In November 2016 Jürjendal / Kirikmäe performed our first international gig  at a new music festival “Iceland Airwaves”

Robert Jürjendal & Kaido Kirikmäe are performing on saturday, August 5.