Kukemuru Ambient festival is held in Samliku camping residence on the borderline of Järva and Pärnu county. 

Transport & parking:

One can ascend to the festival by car, bus, bysicle, foot and by boat. Recommendations when travelling by train and bus:

1. By bus from Türi to Rae/Kurjgja tee

2. By bus from Pärnu to Rae/Kurjgja tee
3. By train from Tallinn or Viljandi to Türi trainstation
4. Order taxi from Türi or Paide.

Regional bus schedule: www.jytk.ee
Bus schedule: www.tpilet.ee
Train schedule: www.elron.ee
Local taxi: www.jtakso.ee

There is free and designated parking area for guests with motor vehicles at the venue.


There is designated camping area but if extra comfort is needed then one can choose from local hostels listed below:

1. www.metsajoe.ee - nearby Laupa
2. www.raepuhkemaja.ee - nearby Rae
3. www.maaritza.ee - nearby Türi
4. www.tagametsa.ee - nearby Parasi
5. www.kompetents.ee - nearby Türi

In addition one can explore more at www.puhkaeestis.ee


While in previous years, the festival gastronomy was represented by monopoly selection, then this year we have more exciting and diverse selection.

Whole meals are served by "Elujanu Food Truck", from tasty falafel wraps to vegan-grill burgers and extra treats.

For sweetspot there are tasty pastries and quality coffee/tea by Wabalinna cafe.

And that's not all - from the scenic town of Viljandi we have wine bar "Mulks" catering exotic wines with complementary snacks over cozy atmosphere.

Information tent:

Buy festival ticket(s) and/or change it for wristband. Festival merch, records and obtain information about the event.

One can charge cellphone(s), ask for drinking water or when necessary get first aid kit.


There is sauna and river for washing & tempering, it is located nearby camping area.

Tenet of Kukemuru:

1. Keep and respect the surrounding nature, animals and birds. Also be respectful of the neighbors living nearby. This is firstly their home! Also be careful about the festival inventory (sound equipment, tables, chairs, etc.).

2. Throw garbage in garbage bags meant for it.

3. There is only one pre fixed campfire in the festival area. To start any form of fire is strictly forbidden.

4. Use toilets, what are located in designated area.

5. Be careful when bathing in the river, use only marked location.
Avoid drunk swimming, water jumps, etc. in hazardous/unknown location.

6. Car parking is allowed only in marked and designated area.

7. Every festival visitor is responsible for own actions and consequences.
This also applies to parents and/or caretakers who are responsible for their children and/or pets behaviour.

8. Alcohol can be purchased at the designated outlets.
Personal and previously purchased alcohol on festival area is not allowed.

9. The organizers have the right to make changes in the program.
Security team has the right to escort a person or a group without a valid ticket(s) and/or under heavy intoxication and/or with troublesome behaviour off the festival area, upon such action festival ticket(s) and/or wristband(s) lose validity.

We wish you a nice festival experience!