ruDelicate Features
Delicate Features was formed in 2012. The duo's debut album "The Passenger" was released in August 2014 by the reputed Los Angeles record label Not Not Fun. They rarely perform on stage, remaining St. Petersburg's mystical treasure. On the 30th of November 2016 their second album "Sky of Earth" was released on Not Not Fun. Described as “misty synth-jazz with windswept new age memory pop” their musical inspirations are rather wide. Blogs Tiny Mixtapes and No Fear of Pop have said that “Delicate Features combine layers of frigid ambience with seductive undertones and soothing vocals” and that it's "Russian “Twin Peaks” that’s equal parts gorgeous and haunting". They move in their own direction while leading us into the unknown, entrancing the listener with every step.

Delicate Features performs on friday, August 4.