Composer and musician Lauri-Dag Tüür was born on March 18, 1981. He graduated from Estonia Music Academy of Electronic Music and Composition in 2008. He has completed his live-electronics course at the Academy of Sibelius.


Since 2009 he has written music for various films, television series, exhibitions and theater performances – among other things documentaries “Tshernobõli samuraid” (rezh.Ivar Heinmaa, 2012), “Saare võimalikkusest” (rezh. Marianne Kõrver, 2012), “Lained ja võnked” (rezh. Marianne Kõrver ja Kaido Veermäe, 2014) ning “Vigala Sass – viimased lindid” (rezh. Marianne Kõrver ja Jaan Tootsen, 2016), Tanel Veenre’s exhibition “Palindroomid” (2013), Tõnu Õnnepalu’s plays “Mäed” and “Vennas” at the Estonian Drama Theater, “Madame Bovary” (2011) and “Solarise needus” (2014) at the Von Krahl Theater.


As a guitarist, Tüür has worked in the bands such as Loom, Luarvik Luarvik and Melmac. Since 2010 Lauri-Dag Tüür has given concerts with his electronic solo project. Tüür has also been involved with free improvisation, but at the moment his interest in music is to summon a long narrative of it.



Lauri-Dag Tüür performs on saturday, August 4.